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M Components of the insolvency process:

  • Declaration of insolvency;

  • Bankruptcy proceedings;

  • Obligation cancellation procedure;

  • Deletion of obligations.

Successful completion of all these stages will clear the debts.

The most significant aspects of the bankruptcy procedure:



Creditors submit creditor claims;



The administrator requests information, we assist in preparing a response, administrator identifies the debtor's assets, and checks for any transactions aimed at concealing assets;


The administrator compiles a creditor register;


We prepare a debt relief plan.




The insolvency process consists of several complex measures and conditions. I assist my clients in successfully realizing it, enabling them to rid themselves of obligations they cannot fulfill.

Costs of the insolvency process for individuals:

Administrator's fee - 1400.00 euros (payment must be made before submitting documents to the court);

State fee - 70.00 euros (payment must be made before submitting documents to the court);

Fee for document preparation: 1000.00 - 1400.00 euros depending on the complexity of the process. Payment is made in installments.

  • The fee includes process management, supervision, and providing answers to various relevant questions throughout the process, assistance in obtaining necessary documents, preparation of applications, preparation of responses, and the administrator's information requests, preparation of the debt relief plan, and application for the declaration of the debt relief procedure.

Insolvency process for legal entities:

The insolvency process for legal entities is one of the most complex legal institutions. The roles in the insolvency proceedings of legal entities:


Board member;



Each party in insolvency has its own interests, which we represent.

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